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Since 1998, Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. has supported mid-market businesses in forming their own captive insurance companies. Captive insurance is a sophisticated risk and financial planning strategy that is often carried out by self-proclaimed “captive managers” without the requisite experience needed to handle all of its moving parts. Often, captive managers in the industry will disclaim tax and legal responsibility, which are critical components of a well-run, compliant captive insurance company. In contrast, Capstone’s attorney-led team works diligently on critical aspects of the planning, offering tax support, legal representation, and many other captive planning services for one turnkey fee.

Capstone works in alignment with The Feldman Law Firm LLP, which employs experienced attorneys specializing in corporate and business planning. We will retain and directly compensate all the players needed to analyze, design, and manage your captive insurance company, insuring risks that have been left uninsured by your conventional insurance coverages.

  • The planning is provided for one turnkey fee. Services include:
    • Feasibility study with independent professional sign off
    • Tax – design, structuring and ongoing monitoring of the planning
    • Accounting
    • CPA independent audit
    • Insurance
    • Regulatory
    • IRS tax controversy
    • State tax issues
    • Policy drafting
    • Coverage pricing
    • Ongoing management
    • The Feldman Law Firm LLP takes on oversight for tax and legal
    • And much more!

In-house personnel includes insurance experts such as CPCUs, ARMs, CPAs & administrators PLUS FELDLAW_ATTORNEY lawyers with specific skills in various aspects of the planning. Tax, corporate, financing & regulatory attorneys and outside CPAs through the Firm are also available to support clients through the life of the captive. We also welcome the opportunity to work with advisors, such as CPAs, wealth managers, insurance agents, or others in bringing captive insurance planning to their clients.

The video below discusses how prospective captive owners should go about selecting a captive manager.

Capstone is the Gold Standard in the Captive Industry

Capstone and The Feldman Law Firm LLP has a decades-long track record for excellence. In fact, no other captive service provider has historically supported clients throughout the entire life of the captive—from the feasibility study to management.

Capstone is a standout with:

  • CAP_YEARS_NUMBER+ years in business
  • CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS+ captives formed
  • Expertise in navigating existing and new captive legislation and regulatory changes
  • Recognition as a Top 20 Captive Industry Pioneer by Captive Review

The Feldman Law Firm LLP has:

  • TAX_CONTROVERSIES+ tax matters successfully resolved, including Tax Court cases
  • LAW_YEARS_NUMBER years in business
  • 150+ years of combined legal experience
  • 80+ years tax law experience
  • FELDLAW_ATTORNEY attorneys on staff

Mid-market Focused

Capstone's focus is helping mid-market businesses mitigate their risks more efficiently. Our team has in-house expertise in forming captives under IRC 831(a), 831(b), and 501(c)(15) for mid-market companies in manufacturing, construction, healthcare and many other industries.

To learn more about Capstone’s attorney-led, multidisciplinary approach to captive planning, call us at WEB_TEL or fill out our form. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

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