Captive Health Checkup

For captive owners who are unsure about their captive’s compliance with IRS and regulatory authorities, Capstone has partnered with The Feldman Law Firm LLP. The Firm offers The Captive Health Checkup. The program affords captive owners an in-depth, objective assessment of their captive’s status. Tax and corporate attorneys will explore your captive’s various Federal, state, and excise tax issues, as well as compliance with insurance regulatory requirements. Our team will decipher the fine print on your existing contract, and make recommendations for next steps.

Why the Captive Health Checkup?

Captive Health CheckupFrom the initial feasibility study, which determines what risks exist inside of a business, to the design of coverages, straight through to the ongoing management of the captive, captive planning should be done using a multidisciplinary approach.

Many captive managers in the industry claim to have the necessary skillset to handle all aspects of the planning, which is simply, a fallacy. Some managers may have a good understanding of insurance policies and claims handling, but not a clear understanding of the insurance and tax regulatory framework in which they are required to perform. Captive insurance planning is complex, and requires the expertise of insurance professionals, actuaries, and tax & corporate lawyers who keep abreast of captive legislation and domicile regulations.

Many captive managers may work out of their home in a “one-man-shop,” and may be only equipped to submit the initial paperwork to get your captive up and running. But the ability to conduct an objective feasibility study, design appropriate policies, recommend the most appropriate domicile or jurisdiction, and address the tax and legal work of the captive is necessary to keep the captive and captive owners in good standing with various regulatory entities.

Captives formed under the 831(b) election are creatures of the Internal Revenue Code, and should be handled by a team with proficiency in captive tax law and domiciliary jurisdiction.

Watch the video below to learn more about what the IRS reviews during a captive audit:

Captive Expertise at The Feldman Law Firm LLP

The attorneys with The Feldman Law Firm LLP are highly experienced with captive insurance matters, having successfully resolved over 55+ tax matters, which includes the dismissal of 3 Tax Court cases.

This progressive Captive Health Checkup program has been well-received since its implementation in 2014. It has also given captive owners new insight into their captive programs and has empowered them as more astute participants in the planning.

More About Capstone Associated Services, Ltd.

Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. is a captive insurance planning company providing insurance management, underwriting, claims, and administrative services for captive insurance companies. It is the most comprehensive captive insurance planning available.

Capstone is a standout in the industry with over 25 years in operation. Unlike most other captive managers, the team has the expertise to design, implement, and manage your captive company and provide full support. Capstone's staff of professionals includes CPCUs (Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters), insurance experts, accountants and administrators. Capstone has successfully formed over 200 captive insurance companies, using an award-winning, attorney-led multidisciplinary approach that is unmatched in the industry.

Over the years, captive owners have enlisted the help of Capstone.

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