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Capstone has set the standard for platinum-level captive insurance planning. In addition to our turnkey captive services, we offer some great resources to anyone interested in forming a captive of their own. We're offering this webinar as a complimentary resource.

One of our resources includes an online captive insurance webinar.

Participants will gain a better understanding of how captive coverages might work inside their company to combat risks and promote financial efficiency. A captive expert will provide a one-on-one, high-level overview on captives, including their benefits like comprehensive risk coverage and tax-deductible premiums. Additionally, the webinar will cover eligibility requirements and next steps.

Here’s the Online Captive Webinar at a Glance:

  • Overview of captive insurance from a captive expert
  • Customized presentation
  • Complimentary
  • No obligation
  • Questions are welcomed

Captive insurance fosters incredible benefits for mid-market companies. Risks that would otherwise be uninsurable due to the high cost or unavailability in the commercial markets might be covered with a captive.

Learn more about captives with this complimentary online captive webinar!

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