Case_Study_Oil_and_GasCapstone's success is reflected by its clients who have formed successful captives over the past 20+ years. They have experienced better risk management, tax planning, and overall support by leveraging the expertise exhibited by our team and affiliated law firm.

Our captive insurance case studies reveal the circumstances surrounding their initial need for a viable risk management solution and how their businesses flourished in light of building their captive insurance companies. Overcoming challenges such as being uninsured or underinsured for major risks were addressed with Capstone’s turnkey services.

From oil and gas to transportation, Capstone is committed to helping mid-market clients adopt a winning risk management strategy. With these case studies, we believe you’ll gain valuable insight into the process by which a captive insurance company is formed. You also learn the many benefits of having reliable, comprehensive risk coverage.

Case Study: Scrap Metal Recycling Risks and Exposures

According to the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries, The United States annually processes more than 250 billion lbs. of scrap material. The industry has produced almost 500,000 jobs in 2013 alone, lending a powerful influence on the country’s economy. The industry generates about $4.0 billion in state and local revenues annually and another $6.3 billion in federal taxes are paid annually by the industry and its employees.

Case Study: How One Company Thwarted International Risk with a Captive

We live in a global marketplace connected by imports, exports, and the outsourcing of needed services. Our ties with the rest of the world depend on our ability to exchange goods and services in a seamless volley, creating economic prosperity for everyone involved.

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