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Capstone Associated Services, Ltd.

Capstone is the most integrated and comprehensive outsourced provider of captive insurance services for the middle market. Now in its CAP_YEARS_SUPER year, the team supports businesses in the legal and regulatory work associated with forming their own captive insurance companies. In association with The Feldman Law Firm LLP, Capstone designs and manages captive property & casualty insurance companies providing supplemental insurance throughout the U.S.

Capstone leverages an award-winning, multi-disciplinary approach to captive planning, providing key components to businesses with uninsured or underinsured risks - work that is often disclaimed by other captive managers. Capstone has led more than 200 distinct captive formations, excluding cell companies, and has led 57 tax matters to successful conclusions.

Capstone’s attorney-led team goes beyond risk management and serves as partners in captive formation and operations and in risk management. Our expertise spans across captives operating under IRC Sections 831(a), 831(b) and 501(c)(15).

The team is comprised of:

  • Risk management & insurance professionals
  • Reinsurance providers
  • Regulatory, tax, corporate, & financing lawyers
  • Resident domicile managers
  • Independent auditors
  • Administrative personnel
  • CPAs specializing in insurance accounting

Capstone's leadership has continuously spearheaded initiatives that elicit success for its clients. From conducting on-site captive feasibility studies to annual actuarial reviews of operating captives, the team works collaboratively to ensure all aspects of the planning are done. Capstone values oversight and accountability as well as transparency and innovation. This notion is carried across the organization including within its executive team, legal affiliate, business development team, and administrators. The growth and transition occurring in the industry require that a cohesive team remain at the helm. This is Capstone. And we're excited about working with you.

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    Stewart A. Feldman, Capstone Associated

    CEO & General Counsel

    Jeff Carlson, Capstone Associated


    Daniel R. Calderon, Capstone Associated

    VP of Operations

    Senior Advisors

    Lance McNeel, Capstone Associated

    Senior Advisor

    Charles B. Earls, Capstone Associated

    Senior Advisor

    Counsel at The Feldman Law Firm

    Stewart A. Feldman, Capstone Associated

    CEO & General Counsel

    Michael Kelly

    Michael T. Kelly
    General Counsel

    Logan Gremillion

    Logan R. Gremillion
    General Counsel

    Coby Hyman

    Coby Hyman
    General Counsel






    Clients may use either their counsel or retain The Feldman Law Firm LLP, which specializes in tax, corporate, insurance and regulatory matters involving captive insurance. Please direct all such questions to any of the following:

    The Feldman Law Firm LLP also represents Capstone.



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