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Captive Insurance Press Releases and NewsKeep up-to-date with the latest press releases from Capstone and read up on our executive team’s magazine articles, podcasts, and web-based industry commentary.  Over the past 20+ years, we’ve amassed an impressive library of captive insurance news that matters to YOU. We aim to educate clients and potential clients on captive insurance issues so they can make the best decisions about their risk management strategy.

Reviewing these published articles is a great way for you to dig deeper into the regulatory processes of forming a captive. Trends, law changes, information regarding the industry’s exponential growth, and other topics are explored in this exciting online library.

Capstone’s turnkey services are also explored. It’s the framework by which we operate in the captive formation process. In collaboration with our affiliated law firm, the legal, tax, and regulatory support we offer is unmatched by others in the industry. With these articles, you’ll learn the technical aspects of the work we do, our philosophies, and why our captive planning strategy has been used to form CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS captives over the past 20+ years. Feel free to explore these resources or follow us on social media networks. It's captive insurance news at your fingertips.

Jeff Simpson/Gordon, Fournaris Client Suffers $4 Million Defeat
November 11, 2015 (Wilmington, DE) - PoolRe Insurance Corp. and others announce the settlement of a long-running case against Organizational Strategies, Inc., a defense contractor based in Virginia. The settlement, concluded in the last few days, paid in excess of $2.2 million to PoolRe and others by OSI and its owners, Nicolette and William Hendricks.


Stay in-the-know. With our collection of published industry news articles, you will quickly learn about the benefits, regulatory statues, issues, and news associated with captive insurance. It’s our aim to bring you the real stories that define the industry and the captive formation process. Our licensed professionals have contributed expert commentary to many of these publications, providing a unique and powerful perspective to captive ownership and related topics. You will have access to exclusive interviews, eBooks, captive industry articles and more. We hope that the information provided will answer your questions and spark new dialogue. >>Read Articles


The captive insurance industry is nothing short of dynamic. Captive managers are jumping on the bandwagon to form captives, new domiciles are emerging, and regulatory laws are changing to create a more captive-friendly U.S. and offshore climate. News stories from around the world are creating a patchwork—a picture of a thriving industry that’s set for exponential growth.

Our collection of press releases and other breaking news provides unique viewpoints into the changing landscape of the captive insurance industry, major players, and other topics. Check back daily for the latest captive insurance news here.

Legal Articles and Cases

Transparency into the captive insurance industry is pivotal in understanding how it has changed over time. We have included legal articles and cases in order to foster this transparency and show how individual cases have established precedent for future proceedings. Poignant cases such as the Rent-a-Center vs. Commissioner case established the legitimacy of covering inherent risks with a captive insurance company.


The How and Why to Setting Up a Captive Insurance Company

Learn how owning a captive can generate substantial cost savings and cover risks deemed “uninsurable” by conventional insurance companies. We give you the how and why to forming a captive insurance company.

Captive Insurance Benefits for Entrepreneurs

For most business owners, the risks inherent in running a business and the cost of insurance for comprehensively protect from those risks can be significant. Unfortunately, conventional insurance policies are written to exclude the most likely claims that a business faces. Business owners looking for alternative methods of covering their businesses’ risks are turning to captives. Here is why owning their own captive insurance company makes great economic sense.

Capstone Breaks Captive Insurance Record in Delaware

Capstone Associated Services, Ltd today announced that it has formed a record number of captive insurance companies in Delaware. Coincidentally, Capstone in recent weeks crossed the 100-captive threshold and Delaware is fast approaching the same milestone with 97 captives. Get the facts about Capstone's record number of Delaware captive insurance companies.

Editor’s Notes: As of CURRENT_YEAR, Capstone has been in operation for CAP_YEARS_NUMBER years and has formed over CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS captives. As of CURRENT_YEAR, The Feldman Law Firm has been in operation for LAW_YEARS_NUMBER years and has successfully resolved TAX_CONTROVERSIES tax matters. As of CURRENT_YEAR the cap on 831(b) captive insurance premiums is CURRENT_PREMIUM_CAP million.

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