Can Mass Shootings Be Covered by Captive Insurance

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Can Mass Shootings be Covered by Captive Insurance?

As of September 3rd, there have been 289 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2019. From coast to coast, debates on how to quell peoples’ fears, protect citizens, address mental health, and enact gun reform rage on. Business owners are concerned with how to prevent a mass shooting occurrence and how to manage its aftermath, from a financial standpoint as well as a reputational one.

Insurance coverages—even those obtained through a captive insurance company—insures “fortuitous” risks. These are risk exposures which are possible, but largely unpredictable and abrupt. With the rise of mass shootings in the United States, the question becomes, can coverages written through a captive address and mitigate the financial costs associated with such an event? Is the risk associated with mass shootings fortuitous? And, what can business owners do to ensure the safety of their employees and resiliency of their organizations if a mass shooting comes to pass? In Can Captive Insurance Be Covered by Captive Insurance?, Capstone examines how commercial coverages address mass shootings and how captive insurance can help fill in the gaps. Read our captive insurance blog entry now for more.