Captive Insurance Planning For the Middle Market

The Dangers of Underinsurance: Industry Perspectives

High-risk industries, such as construction and manufacturing, have an added burden to bear when it comes to insurance. Finding the right coverages in the commercial market is difficult, as coverages may be too expensive or completely unavailable. So what should business owners do when faced with underinsurance…and the aftermath of a potential loss event? Should business owners continue to carry the full brunt of risk exposure? What are the pitfalls of cutting corners within the business when risk is already high?

In Capstone’s blog, The Dangers of Underinsurance: Industry Perspectives, we explore the business and risk mitigation issues most affecting the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. It is a deep dive into what these industries can do to minimize their risk exposures and implement more comprehensive risk coverages with that of a captive insurance company. Through alternative risk planning, business owners can learn to protect their businesses and their bottom lines more cost-effectively. Read our latest captive insurance blog entry now.