Captive Insurance Planning For the Middle Market

Captive Insurance: Mitigating International Trade Disputes

Trade disputes between the United States and China have been at the forefront of political discourse in this latter part of 2019. Mid-market businesses that trade with China and other countries are taking on international risks as increased tariffs are placed on imports. It’s a sobering realization because they are risks that may not be covered in the commercial insurance marketplace.

Businesses that continue to trade internationally may experience the loss of a major supplier, the loss of services, business interruption, trade credit loss, and more. It’s why alternative risk planning by way of a captive insurance company can be integral to the sustainability of these organizations. The tailored coverages offered by a captive can offset financial losses. Dairy farmers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, sports equipment manufacturers and other business types in the U.S. may be affected by these risks but can be proactive in remaining afloat should they come to fruition.

In the blog, “Captive Insurance: Mitigating International Trade Disputes,” Capstone explores the specific reasons how captive insurance can benefit businesses that trade with China or other international markets. Read our captive insurance blog now.