Captive Insurance Planning For the Middle Market

Supercharge Your Alternative Risk Planning with a Captive

If you run a business, it’s likely you’ve already insured all your top risks; the big ones that stand out for your industry. But the unknowns still pose a threat to your operations. What were to happen if you experienced a loss uncovered by your policy? For most, your claim would be denied and depending on the financial blow, your business would take on an unfortunate burden. Enter captive insurance, aka, a strategic tool that helps mid-market organizations avoid financial strain associated with underinsurance. Forming your own captive insurance company not only covers uninsured risks, but it may offer powerful ancillary financial benefits, such as a 0% income tax rate on the captive’s underwriting profits, dividends, and secured loans.

But why else should businesses seek to supercharge their risk mitigation? The one-size-fits-all approach found in the commercial marketplace cannot fully address risk exposures if your mid-market business has “special” or non-standard risks. More specifically, businesses working in manufacturing, transportation, construction, in the medical field, and others need to be able to adapt to changing technologies and processes that may not be widespread. In the blog, “Supercharge Your Alternative Risk Planning with a Captive,” we explore how the adoption of an alternative risk management plan will benefit your business from both risk coverage and financial perspectives. Read our captive insurance blog now.