Capstone to Acquire Captive Management Portfolios

November 14, 2018 (Houston, TX) – Houston-based Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. has announced a program to acquire the U.S. captive management portfolios of captive insurance management firms, continuing the operations of the captives currently under Capstone’s robust umbrella. Capstone is optimistic about what lies ahead for the industry and continues with its expansion efforts.

Capstone’s interest in acquiring books of captive management businesses began when Capstone was approached by a captive management organization to assist in the design, formation, and ongoing management of its clients’ captives.

“We’ve found that many captive managers lack the required expertise for effective captive planning under one roof,” said Stewart A. Feldman, CEO and General Counsel. “Over the years, we’ve seen captives fail because there’s no effective oversight of the insurance, tax, legal, actuarial, and many other critical aspects of the planning. Most of the work is segmented, and often, important work, such as pricing, policy design, and claims is given insufficient attention. If an alternative risk planning program is to be successful, there must be a cohesive and coordinated group of qualified professionals working together.”

Clete Thompson, Vice President - Business Development, is heading up Capstone’s acquisition efforts.

“The many moving pieces needed for a successful captive program under one roof places Capstone in a unique position,” said Thompson. “Capstone continues to be bullish on alternative risk planning. We continue to ramp-up efforts to meet today’s increasing oversight. Along with the affiliated The Feldman Law Firm LLP, Capstone is excited to take on new books of business. The goal is to continue to set the gold standard, in captive operations.”

Since Capstone’s inception in 1998, the Company, along with The Feldman Law Firm LLP, has formed well over 200 captives.

“The nature of captive planning calls for heavy involvement by tax and corporate lawyers working cooperatively with insurance professionals,” Feldman commented. “We don't think it’s possible to properly engage in captive work without significant involvement by CPAs, actuaries, other insurance professionals, and tax and corporate lawyers, who are knowledgeable of captive requirements. Capstone is proud to see our multidisciplinary approach flourish and expand.”

“Capstone has a long track record of success forming and managing captive insurance companies for mid-market businesses," said Jeff Carlson, President of Capstone. "Our multidisciplinary staff, along with our affiliation with The Feldman Law Firm LLP, positions Capstone for continued success and growth. Rather than offering a fragmented or strictly "clerical” or “administrative” based service, Capstone coordinates the insurance, tax, legal, regulatory, and other facets of the planning. Team Capstone ensures that the planning is properly carried out, from the feasibility study, straight through to the ongoing management. I’m looking forward to the opportunities these efforts create for our organization."

Interested prospects should contact Clete Thompson, Capstone’s Vice President-Business Development at WEB_TEL.

About Capstone Associated Services, Ltd.

Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. is the most integrated and comprehensive captive sponsors for mid-market businesses. In association with The Feldman Law Firm LLP, Capstone administers captive property & casualty insurance companies that provide alternative risk financing throughout the U.S. Now in its CAP_YEARS_SUPER year, Capstone leverages an award-winning, multidisciplinary approach to captive planning, providing turnkey captive services to businesses with uninsured or underinsured risks. Capstone has led more than CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS distinct captive formation.

The team’s expertise spans the whole range of captives operating under IRC Sections 831(a), 831(b) and 501(c)(15). Capstone's approximately 50-person staff includes Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters, Associates in Risk Management, accountants and administrators, in addition to the affiliated law firm's tax, corporate, financing and litigation experience, along with risk managers, property & casualty professionals, outside CPAs, and actuaries. Together, this team offers middle market companies the most comprehensive risk planning solution available in the marketplace.