For over CAP_YEARS_NUMBER years, Capstone and its affiliated law firm has supported mid-market businesses in the legal and regulatory processes associated with forming their own captive insurance companies in collaboration with lawyers, insurance professionals and certified accountants. Unlike many captive insurance management companies in the industry, our turnkey service providers do not disclaim tax and legal support.  We have a proven track record for standing with our clients at every stage.

We work in alignment with our affiliated law firm, The Feldman Law Firm, which employs experienced attorneys who specialize in corporate and business planning. We will always keep you up-to-date on important developments. Capstone leverages a winning, multi-disciplinary team approach. For one turnkey fee, we will retain and directly compensate all the players needed to analyze, design and implement an appropriate alternative risk strategy for your business.

Our commitment to our clients is unmatched. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive mid-market captive planning at an affordable price.

True Turnkey Solutions - The Capstone Difference

The pitfalls of working with a captive insurance manager who doesn’t have the right experience can be disheartening for any business owner who has invested time and money into a captive planning strategy.

Many self-proclaimed captive managers have had only clerical and administrative experience. They may work at home, with a P.O. Box listed as his or her office address. Although they may have graduated from law school, they take a bold, apathetic stand against helping clients work through tax and legal issues.

Their true market focus might be to gain commission on the sale of an insurance policy or to simply grow their assets. Often, their backgrounds are difficult to gauge online.

The benefits of managing business risks through a captive are fully realized when you’re working with a captive planning firm offering true turnkey solutions. Capstone’s reputation precedes it, with over CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS successful captives formed since 1998. Our team goes beyond risk management—we’re your partners in finance, tax planning, captive formation and management.

So call us today at WEB_TEL to see what our captive insurance management experts can do for you. We’re excited about connecting with you.

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Captive Insurance Management - The Capstone Difference

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