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FACT: When you’re working with mid-market clients, questions surrounding risk management, tax planning, and wealth transfer will certainly come up.

The answers you provide will position you as either a financial expert whose goal is to bring value to your clients or as someone who follows the status quo. So how do you answer these very important questions and more importantly, how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

As a CPA, CFO, insurance broker, financial advisor or risk management consultant, talking to your clients about forming a captive insurance company will solidify business relationships, boost retention and encourage referrals.

Most mid-sized business owners are attracted to the lower costs of owning a captive in contrast to opting into a more conventional risk management option. The potential asset protection benefits combined with federal tax incentives are remarkable—alert your clients to the opportunity and be a standout in your own right.

Ultimately, your unique value depends on the solutions you provide. Talking to your clients about captive insurance and Capstone’s true turnkey captive planning services is a smart way to have a competitive edge and provide real value to your clients.

Working with Capstone

By working with Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. and its affiliated law firm, you’ll have a team of tax and insurance professionals on your side as well as a legal team that will help with the formation and management of captives.  After you speak with your client, we will speak with them directly and conduct a feasibility study to determine eligibility. We’ll work with you to make sure all regulatory processes are followed. We’ll work together to help determine whether a captive insurance company is right for your client. It’s our commitment to help you avoid the legal and tax pitfalls that can limit the effectiveness of a captive insurance company.

We’ll always keep you up to date on all new tax laws, regulations, and new legislation from various captive jurisdictions. Our team does not disclaim tax and legal, and will support clients through every phase of the process.

The ideal client is a business owner or group of owners with a substantial operating business that has meaningful uninsured or underinsured risks. The operating business would need to have a minimum of $2 million in pre-tax profits, before partners, salary bonuses and other forms of compensation.

If you have a mid-market client that you believe would be a good candidate for a captive, please give us a call. We can discuss next steps.

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