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Our media series takes you inside Capstone and explains our methodology for assembling a financial planning team that fully supports clients throughout the captive formation process. Through podcasts, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the captive insurance industry and the many reasons behind its explosive growth. Our risk management commentary can help give you a unique perspective on issues affecting the mid-market—and how you can get ahead of the game.

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What Size Business Can Benefit From a Captive Insurance Company?

In determining eligibility for a company interested in captive insurance, a few questions should be raised. What are the exposures of the business that are not covered by conventional policies? How much does the company pay in insurance premiums? Does the company have inherent operational risks that are specific to the company or industry?

In this podcast series, Stewart A. Feldman explores these questions and others, delving into the various qualifications and processes for captive formation. He notes that companies might have the option to buy comprehensive insurance overseas, but these options are often unavailable or too expensive. Forming a captive allows the operating businesses to pay tax-deductible premiums at sensible rates while covering risks unaddressed by their existing insurance policy. Listen in below...

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