Hurricane Harvey – An Update From Capstone

Thank you for your concerns regarding the widespread news coverage of the serious weather events along the Gulf Coast. Both Capstone and The Feldman Law Firm LLP’s offices are located in a major office complex, occupying the 19th floor of a twenty-five story, well-vetted building. The worldwide headquarters of two Fortune 2000 companies are based in our office complex, along with many divisions of large international corporations.

Our offices have a double loop electrical system along with offsite and on-site data back-up. Our office complex has multiple internet loops and our own offices have a primary and an independent, secondary internet connection. Our back-up and recovery plan has been reviewed by insurance regulators. We are more than 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and winds have been very light. Rockport, TX, where Hurricane Harvey came ashore, is more than 200 miles away. And, of course, we are well-covered with business interruption and other insurance coverages!

Our team members located throughout the Houston area are in varying situations. The next few days will be tense as the water drains into otherwise overflowing bayous which lead miles away to the Gulf of Mexico. Single family homes are the issue.

Thank you for the many inquiries and prayers.

- Stewart A. Feldman, CEO & General Counsel