Captives Cover Uninsured Risks for Businesses

Most businesses have substantial risks that are not insured through conventional coverages. These uninsured risks tend to fall into two categories: (1) risks for which insurance, practically speaking, is unavailable or unaffordable in the conventional markets; and (2) risks that remain unconsidered or not properly identified.

The latter arises because most businesses do not hire a risk manager that examines the business' exposures. Rather, the property and casualty agent merely sells the conventional insurance products that are readily available.

Insurance policies contain many coverage exclusions, leaving a business exposed to many serious perils. For many business and professional organizations, key coverages are either unavailable, unaffordable or mispriced. As an alternative to the conventional markets, a captive's policies can be custom designed to meet the particular needs of the insured.

Uninsured risks also include those that a business simply has not appropriately thought through and identified. Many businesses have these types of risks. Businesses that do not comprehensively identify and/or insure for future risks arising out of their current operations are simply overstating current profits.

The risks may include loss of key customer, loss of key vendor, loss of franchise, computer data risks, impairment of goodwill, product recall, equipment failure, etc. Many of these risks, once identified, can be assessed and insured, often though a captive arrangement.

Capstone Clients Enjoy Houston Ship Channel Tour via Bayou City Pilot Boat

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In conjunction with one of our captive clients, Capstone provided a guided tour of the Houston  Ship Channel aboard the Bayou City Pilot Boat.  The Pilot Boat is a specialty marine craft charged with  delivering pilots to ships traveling through the Houston Ship Channel, the 3rd busiest seaport in the  United States.  Several of Capstone's administered captives insure risks located up and down this waterway.


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