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From The Feldman Law Firm LLP: The Captive Health Checkup

The Feldman Law Firm LLP is currently offering The Captive Health Checkup, a progressive captive review program provided to middle market businesses that have formed one or more captive insurance companies with a third-party captive manager or in-house staff.

The Captive Health Checkup includes:

  • An in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the client’s existing captive insurance program to determine its federal, state, and excise tax standing
  • An evaluation of the captive’s adherence to insurance regulatory requirements
  • Legal oversight by our team of tax & corporate lawyers and insurance professionals
  • An objective and critical view on exactly how a client’s captive had been formed and managed.

The Firm, in conjunction with Capstone Associated Services, Ltd., has implemented over CAPTIVE_FORMATIONS captive projects since 1998. Additionally, the Firm has been successful in completing over TAX_CONTROVERSIES tax matters and has won the dismissal of three tax court captive insurance matters. Over the past CAP_YEARS_NUMBER years, captive insurers have sought out the Firm’s expertise to examine captives that have been mismanaged by captive managers or consultants who offered only the clerical and administrative services needed for the initial formation.

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