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Capstone's Turnkey Process Provides Timely Formations
Capstone Reaches New Milestone in Captive Formations
Capstone Breaks Captive Insurance Record in Delaware
Capstone Announces $400 Million in Approved Dividends
Capstone Breaks Captive Insurance Record in Delaware
Capstone Reaches Milestone - 100th Captive Insurance Company Formed
Capstone Meets With U.S. Captive Regulators
Q4 is Busiest for Captives
Capstone Appointed Captive Manager by Delaware
Capstone Binds Hundreds of Policies
Low Interest Rates Equals Opportunity
Meet Judy Harley - Capstone Corporate Paralegal
Capstone Completes Largest Initial Public Offering in Canada
Welcome Harold Levine, Corporate Controller


Captives Lessen Reliance On Weak Commercial Insurers
Choosing the Right Domicile
Own Your Own Insurance Company - Six Examples of Insurable Risks
Why Companies are Opting For Captive Insurance Arrangements
Businesses Use Captives for Increased Protection
Alive and Kicking”: Why Trust-Owned Life Insurance Is More Relevant Than Ever
Business Owners Use Captives To Cover Self-Insured Risks
NY Times Article on Captives
Re: New Proposed Treasury Regulation Affecting Small Captives
"Breakthrough Idea" for Business Owners
Convert Self-Insured Risks Into Tax-Deductible Premiums
Is A Captive Insurance Company Right For Your Business?
Not All Captive Managers Are Created Equal
Choosing the Right Captive Domicile
Treatment of Captive Dividend in Community Property States for Section 831(b) Clients Declaring a Dividend
Captives Supplement Conventional Insurers
Captive Insurance Companies and the Role of Life Insurance
Captive Insurer for World Trade Center
Middle Market Spurs Growth In Captive Insurance
"Middle Market Captive Growth" Published in US Captive
Risk Distribution for Single-Owner Captives
Importance of the Feasibility Study
Captive Insurance in the News
Over 70 Captive Insurance Companies Formed
Physician-Owned Captive Insurance Companies on the Rise



Jeff Simpson/Gordon, Fournaris Client Suffers $4 Million Defeat
Captives in the IRS' Dirty Dozen List of Abusive Tax Schemes?
IRS Probes Artex


When Employers Lose More Than Employees
Captive Planning and Enterprise Risk Management
When Threat of Illness Interrupts Business Captives Provide Loss of Services Coverage
Re: Fiscal Cliff Legislative Update for High Income Taxpayers
“Gang of Six Deficit Reduction Plan”
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
The White House's Budget Proposals
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
IRS Announces That Proposed Insurance Regulations Have Been Withdrawn


How Blue Bell Could Have Avoided 2850 Layoffs with a Captive
Post Hurricane Ike Update


Abusive Tax Shelters Again on the IRS “Dirty Dozen” List of Tax Scams for the 2015 Filing Season



Expanded Trusts & Estates Services
Re: "Could My Family Benefit from a Family Limited Partnership?"
National Estate Planning Awareness Week
Succession Planning in the NFL
Multi-State Planning
BLOOMBERG: "Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre 2013 Moves"
Planning Opportunities Abound
Roth IRA Conversions
To Give Without Giving


2012 Budget Proposal – Act Now Before Current Tax Benefits Change
Why Do Firms Pass Up on Tax Breaks?
Small Business Tax Cuts
President Obama's Proposed Additional 2.9% Tax on Unearned Income
National Experts Join Feldman in Analysis of 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act
More Taxes Coming--Proposed Internet Sales Tax
Export Tax Savings - IC-DISC Planning
6 of the Richest Owed No Income Tax
Income Tax Hikes Coming
Obama Tax Hikes Coming
Re: "Estate Tax Is Expiring, But Death Won't Last"
Re: "Small Business Faces Big Bite"
Re: "State Tax Rates On Rise"
Tax Considerations When Choosing a Captive Domicile
Dividend tax rate to nearly triple under senate budget proposal
Rising taxes
In 2012, Many Tax Benefits Increase Due to Inflation Adjustments
U.S. Tax Court Upholds Controversial Captive Insurance Arrangement
“The Living By-Pass Trust”: Maximizing Today’s Opportunities With Traditional Strategies
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Summary: The Reid-McConnell Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 (S.A. 4753) (the "Act")
Re: Recent Developments with Respect to State Premium Tax
The Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010
Re: Updated Developments with Respect to State Premium Tax
Obama's Recent Foreign Tax Proposals and Alternative Risk Planning
Tax Efficient Investments for Intermediate IRC Section 831(b) Captives
Tax Planning Idea for Section 501(c)(15) Captives
Texas Gross Margin/Franchise Tax Temporary Exemption Increase