Alternative Risk Management for Midmarket Businesses

Alternative Risk Management Services

Alternative Risk Management for Midmarket Businesses

FACT: In business, hidden risks have the potential to significantly slow operations and reduce annual revenues. This is why an alternative risk planning strategy, such as forming a captive insurance company, is essential to midmarket businesses. Insurance coverages in the commercial market can be overly expensive or even unavailable to those that require them.

Writing policies through your own captive insurance company (a captive) can help supplement your existing policy PLUS, provide exceptional business planning advantages including:

  • Tailored risk coverages for your business and industry
  • Improved tax planning benefits
  • Investment income
  • Secured loans from your captive to your operating company

captive planningCommercial insurance certainly has its strengths, but an alternative risk planning program which includes the formation of a captive, can combat exclusions that could have you footing the bill for losses.

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