HandshakeCapstone and its affiliated law firm works with several organizations in a consolidated effort to deliver the best in captive planning services to our clients. These affiliations also empower advisors to bring unrivaled expertise to the captive formation process. In collaboration with these organizations, we have developed lasting, collaborative partnerships with captive owners and others within the industry.


American Association of Attorney-Certified Public AccountantsThe tax professionals in our employ are members of the American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants or AAA-CPA. They bring years of tax and estate planning expertise to the captive formation process. Their advice comes standard as part of Capstone’s turnkey solution package.


The Institute for Captive Insurance Planning (ICIP)We are also affiliated with The Institute for Captive Insurance Planning (ICIP), composed of professionals whose practice is largely devoted to alternative risk/captive insurance planning. ICIP recognizes the top professionals in alternative risk planning through membership in the Institute and awards the Certification in Risk Planning.


Captive Insurance Companies AssociationCapstone continually works to forge solid business relationships in the captive insurance world. With the help of the Captive Insurance Companies Association, we are able to continually apprise our clients of breaking news, happening within the industry and keep them abreast of changing laws and guidelines. CICA is the only domicile-neutral captive insurance association in existence. That means CICA is free from jurisdictional or commercial ties since it is not linked with a domicile or government entity. Working with the organization allows us to support captive owners year after year.


Delaware Captive Insurance AssociationCapstone is also a member of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association. Delaware is one of the fastest growing captive domiciles in the world. The 2013 year-end numbers are 298 licensed captives with 266 being active. As of 2012, Delaware had licensed 212 captive insurers with 192 being active. Delaware experienced a 40 percent increase in licensed captives in 2013. It is now the 6th largest domicile in the world. The Capstone Team is proud to help form new captive insurance companies in this fast-growing jurisdiction.

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