Our Administrative Staff

Forming and managing a captive insurance company is a very complicated process. The staff at Capstone Associated Services, Ltd have over 100 years experience managing captives for mid-market businesses.

Craig Wroten, Capstone Associated Valerie Garcia, Capstone Associated James Tongee, Capstone Associated
Craig Wroten
Senior Accountant
Valerie Garcia
New Clients & Billing
James Tongee
Senior Administrator
Judy Harley, Capstone Associated Tasha Hubbard, Capstone Associated Sandra Torbica, Staff Accountant, Capstone Associated
Judy Harley
Lead Corporate Paralegal
Tasha Hubbard
Senior Contract Administrator
Sandra Torbica
Senior Accountant
Jade Byrd, capstone Associated Sharanda Davis Erin Band, Capstone Associated
Jade Byrd
Senior Accountant
Sharanda Davis
Insurance Operations Coordinator
Erin Band
Business Development Specialist
Emily Haluska, Capstone Associated Catherine Torando, Capstone Associated
Emily Haluska
Senior Underwriting Analyst
Catherine Torango
Special Projects Administrator


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